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Remote Support Maintenance Agreement

For those customers looking for short-term or long-term regular maintenance on their computers/IT sytems we can establish a maintenance agreement.

In these instances we will utilize an auto-connecting remote tool to allow us to connect to your Windows based computers without user intervention (once the tool is installed). This allows us to connect outside of your regular business hours, or simply as needed.

Please note certain issues may not be able to be resolved via Remote Support such as a hardware fault. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

What is provided in the Maintenance Agreement?

Typically this includes:

  • Improve Computer Performance
  • Adjust Windows Settings
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Install Program Updates or New Software
  • Add/Remove Network/USB Printers
  • Perform Backups where Backup Technology is available
  • Check for Viruses or Malicious Software
  • Uninstall Malicious Software
  • Diagnostics

Custom Packages available to meet your specific needs.

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